Workshop: Successful Grant Writing - Module 4: Project management and research environment


Time: Wed, 10 July 2024, 09:00-12:30
Location: virtual via Zoom
Target group: Postdocs of all research fields of the UA Ruhr universities; max. 25 participants
Trainer: PD Dr. Daniel Mertens
Registration deadline: 26 June 2024
Contact for organizational questions: Dr. Ursula Justus (RUB Research School)

Projectmanagement Tools for Grant Writing
The workshop will focus on the following essential project management tools: 

  • SMART goal setting
  • What are priorities in a project? (“MoSCoW” analysis)
  • SWOT contingency planning
  • Graphical representation of the timeline with a GANTT chart
  • What are milestones and deliverables?
  • Why to identify stakeholders? How to handle them?

In this module participants will discuss why and how to construct budgets backwards instead of forwards. How to find out how much total sum proposals should apply for? How to distribute funding between salaries, consumables and investments? What are “overheads”? After this block, participants will dispose of the PM armamentarium required for successful grant writing.

The research environment extends beyond just material resources. The expertise landscape surrounding a project is crucial. Collaborations could be instrumental for grant applications. Participants will gain insights into leveraging a professional network and collaborations to enhance research proposals. But how to find collaborators? What to do if publication lists are short e.g. because Postdocs (partially) shift topic to become (partially) independent? How can potential collaborators get interested in own research? In addition, participants will get access to large databases of successful and non-successful grants.

Download workshop description (PDF)

PD Dr. Daniel Mertens is Biochemist, Lecturer and leader of his own research group at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and at the University of Ulm. He shares his knowledge and experiences since several years as professional trainer.

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